Mindful Concentration is Liberating

Be Transformed in just 5 days!

Transform Your Personal Reality In Just 5 Days

This unique 5 day event uses a combination of Brain Gym, Visualisations and other transformational activities developed by Padraig King to facilitate you to release your past, transform your current reality and create the abundant, meaningful future that you want for yourself.


Monday To Friday

August 28-Sept 1st.

4 places available.

Booking Contact:

Message Padraig King , your transformation facilitator on +353861723510 with SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook or Skype to see if you are ready willing and able to attend.

Is this for you ?

Ready to step out of your cocoon and become the butterfly that you were born to be!
Reach your true potential while you float free of your past and enjoy the freedom that is rightfully yours.
Your limiting Personal Reality at present is an accumulation of your misunderstandings and the events that you have experienced.

How it works:

By changing how your mind operates within your physical body, releasing your blockages, overcoming your hangups and creating a new personal reality with your new goals and a personal step by step plan that takes you from where you are ( still stuck in your past ) and deliberately creating the future that you desire, want and need to have, you can completely step out of your old self ( cocoon ) ( transcend your formative milieu) and enter your new reality.


This transformational event will be held in the Dublin area and is essential for those who want to create a more abundant, brighter and more positive future for themselves.

Requirements :

To attend you must have strong desire to change from where you are at, to where you want to be , even if you are not sure what that looks like at present.
Your life is a gift and how you use it, play with it and use it to create your personal satisfaction and to be fulfilled depends on using it wisely!

Locking in the Transformation:

To anchor your transformational changes pre and post transformation  will be contrasted and the evidence of your changes will be clear for you to see!

Our Promise to you :

You will leave with

•a new approach to living,

•a clear goal and purpose for your life,

•knowledge of Brain Gym activities and balance processes

•a plan of action to take you forwards in your life

•a support and care package to ensure your continuing success

•new energy and enthusiasm

and above all a deep peace that will hold you in a state of responding rather than reacting to life’s challenges and events .

Bonus 1

Bonus 1

You will have a full year’s Personal support from Padraig King by messaging and email after the event to help you continue to evolve and grow your new Personal Reality .( worth €440 but free to you)
Bonus 2

Bonus 2

For the next 12 months Padraig King will host a live video call to answer your questions as a group and support you as a group . ( worth €660 but free to you)
Bonus 3

Bonus 3

You will also be invited as a free guest participant (normally €900 but free to you ) to attend Padraig King’s Live Training Event in January 2018 in Dublin to further deepen your training in becoming the real, genuine, authentic you that you are becoming !

Are You Interested in being a better you?

Interested ?

Learn more by messaging Padraig King +353861723510
International enquiries welcome!
Total value of package
Aug-Sept 5 Day Event €900
12 months messaging / email support €440
12 monthly live group video support calls €660
Attendance at Live Training Event January 2018 €900
Total Value: € 2900
Total Package before August 18th just €750