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Transformation and Resurrection Time!

Transformation at Easter is often a matter of resurrecting the inner true self and starting to live again. I’m sure it is not an accident that
it usually occurs in March or April when Spring ( in the northern hemisphere) is resurrecting and transforming the dead branches of bushes and bursting out through the awakening daffodils and tulips.

Yesterday, I was trawling through Ted talks on the internet looking for inspiration and guidance on taking me through my own inner transformation process when I came across the video of Adam Leipzig who offers to help you define your life’s purpose in under 5 minutes.

I thought this would be interesting for you and I found it very useful myself as I’m redefining my life purpose at present in preparayion for the big move to County Galway where I plan to build a new life with my wife.

My Boyle, Cork, Donegal, Dublin-Leixlip, Galway and Limerick clinics will remain available but on limited days and hours from Easter, so make sure to book as places will be more limited than ever before!

For the past 16 years I have been a full time Kinesiologist and treated people at my clinics for everything from acne to yeast infections, ( a-z), pains, strains and anxieties.
I have trained in 8 areas of therapy to be the very best I could be and over the years with a “100% guarantee of satisfaction or your money back ” I have refunded to three people. (They experienced positive changes in their sessions but were too impatient to be rid of their symptoms and couldn’t wait for their body and brain to process the changes fully, so I refund their fee rather than have them think negatively of me or the therapies that were used.)

Over the years I have changed, evolved and become more hands off than hands on in my approach to health and wellness of the body, mind and spirit. I now guide many of my clients to help themselves to heal their symptoms, pain, stiffness or anxiety through visualisations followed by an appropriate simple activity that they can use to release residual pain, stiffness or tension. I work successfully with clients both face to face in my clinics and increasingly with people from all over Ireland, the U.K. USA , SOUTH AMERICA, Spain, Australia and India through video calls.

I excel at this new style of treatment and i am truly grateful to have the pleasure to help thousands from around the globe to change how they think, feel, act and communicate.

To be honest, I see more personal transformation in my clients in a week than most people see in a lifetime.

I have been privileged and blessed to develop my own one day and two day courses in self control, concentration and getting focused for study, business, time management and personal evolution .

The most recent course to be delivered is “MINDFUL CONCENTRATION” ( this is a whole brain and whole body approach). Here I fused my unique SMARTER goal setting techniques ( left brained approach) with meditations and my visualisations ( right brained approach) to help transform the participants’ ability to stay focused from 16 seconds to literally hours.

In the recent presentation of this course in Carrick on Shannon we had students and business people attending and each abd every one saw significant changes in their ability to take control over their ability to concentrate.

Going forwards from here I will present this course and my other courses,”SMARTER CONCETRATION MADE EASY”, my “90 Minute Focus Method” wherever I’m invited, in centres around the globe, in schools, clubs, businesses, network meetings and in one to one sessions with those willing to join me in my SUCCESS FOCUSED SESSIONS online and in person.

As I enjoy teaching both online and with live audiences I hope to spend more time presenting courses, workshops and delivering tailor made presentations in schools, sports clubs, businesses and business network groups. To book me to present to your group message me on +353861723510.

My clinics will continue both in person and online and I’m delighted to continue to serve a global audience with free webinars,eBooks, audios and YouTube videos.

Last year,2016, I set a target to reach 1 million with my videos and ebooks. “Reach for the stars and you may
land on the moon” – I’m truly grateful to all those who shared my work in videos, in posts on Facebook and shared my free audios- figures indicate that my reach extended to over 400,000 people! This year I hope to exceed the million mark and share my simple message –
” you can take control over what you think, feel, say and do and when you do this you can change your life”

Anyway to return to Adam Leipzig, he poses 5 questions and by answering these with a single word you can quickly arrive at your own life’s purpose.

My short and longer answers to his questions are as follows:
1 Who are you?
I’m Padraig King
2 what do you love to do and do so well that others would pay you to do it for them?
Self control
I help people take control over what they think, feel, say and do so that they can focus on achieving their full potential and experience success in education, business, sports and communicate meaningfully in their relationships
3 who do you do this for?
I do this for anyone who can benefit from what I have to offer and can afford the rates that I charge
4 what do they need?
When they come to me they are stuck in a physical, emotional or belief pattern that limits their ability to function
5 what transformation do they experience ?
They are calmer, healthier, freer in their thinking, more relaxed, happier and more focused in the way they think, feel, act and speak so they are successful where they focus!

Because my clients refer a constant stream of new people to me for similar sessions I quickly realised I did not need to to advertising in he golden pages, google or elsewhere for my clinic sessions. Those who need me find me at the right time!

Always busy, my clinics from Derry to Cork and Galway to Dublin have been a great source of joy for me as I witness my clients transform sometimes in seconds, often in minutes and continue to evolve over a series of sessions.

Along with Adam Leipzig I would like you to answer each question with one word so give it a go!

Who you are -what’s your name – One word (First name)
What do you love to do- what is the one thing you are supremely qualified to reach other people ? – One word
Who do you do it for – One word
What do they need? – come to me for? – One word
How do they change or transform as a result of what you give them? – One word

So the next time someone asks me what I do I simply tell them about the transformation that people experience when they connect with me online or attend my clinics-
“I help people take control over what they think, feel, say and do so that they can focus on achieving their full potential and experience success in education, business, sports and communicate meaningfully in their relationships ”

Know anyone who might like to work with me
to unlock their potential?
To experience real success? Take more control over their lives ?
Or to live more meaningfully?
My number is +353861723510 but as I’m often on a call or in a session it is best if you book a FREE strategy call from me to you where we can explore what we can do together to get you the results that you are capable of once you learn how to take control and unlock your potential or book directly at

Just click and pick a time for me to call you for your free strategy call !

Do you want Padraig King to call You?

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