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Vote Number 1 for Yourself

Give your number 1 vote to maintaining your own health, wellness and mobility then you will always back a winning team. To be of the greatest value to your business, family or friends you must be able to perform as a whole person, deliver what is expected on time and deliver a positive message that energises and uplifts those around you.  Vote Yourself Number 1 !

Self-ful is helpful. Selfish is mean. Looking after your health, positivity and your natural wellbeing is self-ful. It is to be recommended. However many think that putting yourself first and minding your own health are acts of selfishness.

Jesus understood self-ful and was mindful of his energy so that he could deliver a positive message with energy and care. He demonstrated self-ful when he pulled away from the crowd and went up the mountains to relax, pray and take “time out” to recharge the batteries and destress. He was not selfish as he immediately had pity on the peole who followed him and began to preach and heal them.

Are you ready to shift your vote to looking after yourself and being self-ful?

Vote Yourself Number 1

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The classic Irish Martyr Mammy fed everyone else first and then finally get to eat when everyone was finished. Gone too the martyr father who worked every hour God sent to provide for his family but often missed out on being a part of the family except as a worn out shell who was not in the best of form or short tempered as he was in pain.

Thankfully, that martyr model of parenting is disappearing and more enlightened approach is evident nowadays. Now parents are realising that they must be healthy, happy and relaxed to model these for their children and they realise hw important it is to be available to them rather than exhausted but carrying on with a stiff upper lip  as they hid their own pain and suffering.

If you want help to shift from drained out to being energised, present and positive then book a call with me and let’s see what we can do to raise the quality of your life

Priority in families has shifted to a higher quality of life for everyone so that they each can support and nurture the others.

To inspire others to be their best you must embody the principle of peak performance and walk your talk in your own life.

In the recent days in Ireland we have seen from the election results that finally the Irish voters have moved their priority away from blindly  following leaders and the traditional parties and begun to select candidates who will represent their interests in government.

Some may say the voters are misguided but I see s new pattern developing where as a maturing nation we have moved beyond the initial squandering and recklessness to valuing quality of life over empty promises of quantities of wealth and prosperity for ourselves and our families.

There was a big swing evident to independent candidates of the left and right indicating that people’s priorities have shifted from old politics to a more savvy version where they elect people with principles that in some way match their own.

If you look at the evolution of Ireland as a country like the growing up of a person you might see this election in terms of the emancipation of a young adult where they finally choose for themselves based on what they believe will deliver the best results for themselves.  In commentaries on TV and radio it was suggested that the voters had spent time and energy choosing the candidates that could possibly offer a better quality of life rather than promises that everyone knows will be broken for political expediency.

If you value wellness of body mind and spirit then place your trust in someone you know can deliver. If you like what I have done for you or would like to experience genuine change then contact me for an appointment or refer those you care for to my clin9ics.

To make it easy to decide whether to come to see me I have made myself available to you to chat for free with you [n scheduled calls  three times each day. Morning lunchtime and evenings.  Book a call and let’s see how I can help you and thise you love and acare for to prosper, grow and improve your quality of life, wellness and positivity.

My manifesto has always been that if you root out and resolve the underlying cause of the difficulties, conditions or unwellness being experienced right now it usually leads to rapid change, transforms your life and brings you wellness of body, mind and spirit to the fore. My focus is totally on what you need to make your life a better place to live in.

I am dedicated to finding the solution that you need and delivering on your promise, potential and drawing out your hidden abilities and strengths. 

When you feel good, strong and positive inside you project a very supportive unspoken message of positive energy that can help others to drive change too. Some of the recent political debaters and candidates lacked the clarity and positivity required of leaders in any community.

These tired politicians have failed to demonstrate that they have the energy needed to help their voters through the years ahead.

To be believed by others and be elected to represent them you must demonstrate the drive, enthusiasm and positivity to shine out as an example of what you want to create. You need to show that you have a vision that can lead others to a better place. Voters seem to have see

Hence a big shift to those offering a brighter vision of the future from both left and right side of the political spectrum. Voters now seem to look beyond the promises and the mask and focus on whether a politician has the the energy and passion underneath to be of value in the government.

To go toward as candidates, independents and smaller parties were filled with the passion and drive to make a change. Their success in the recent election may be the beginning of the quality of life revolution .

It is becoming clear now that having a strong feeling of positivity inside has become the central to the Irish adults who voted. Commentators in the media also looked at apathy and disaffection of those who did not vote. Who a strong turnout in many areas this apathy seems to be disappearing and a quiet revolution is taking place in Ireland.


Finally people seem to have tired of century old politics where historical connections and minor division and differences were more important to politicians than the will to cooperate and co-create a higher quality of life for all citizens.

If you want some help to create a new you, a new way of thinking, of moving and of speaking with freedom and positivity about yourself and your life then contact me.  

Let us see how I can help you to raise the quality of your life, improve your health and activate an abundance of positive within you. Be the wonderful you that you can be. Make the difference now that your business, family and friends need. 

Be part of the silent quality of life revolution that has been gathering momentum for a while now and finally showed up in  a massive rejection of party politics and a swing towards those who focus on  the things that really matter to them. 


Vote Yourself Number 1.

Book Your FREE call to discuss how I can help you to
feel more positive, relaxed and energised.

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