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Live Webinar First Steps to Master Your Memory

Want to learn more about how your memory works, how to make it faster, more accurate and more absorbent? In a free webinar Padraig King founder of the Mind Focus Mastery program, The 90 Minute Focus Method, Concentration Made Easy and so many other programs offers you an insight into his way of getting better results with your memory.

60 minute live webinar with Padraig King
Limited to 20 places!
Get short simple epalantions of why your memory fails you,
Learn How Memories are made and lost.
Learn How to Master your Memory the easy way!
Enjoy a live Memory Boosting Visualisation
Test Your Memory before and after and feel the difference
Live Answers to your questions submitted beforehand

The webinar is free and will last approximately one hour.

There will be an opportunity to self check your memory beforehand and then join Padraig as he leads a live group visualisation to improve your memory followed by an opportunity to check your memory again and see the difference.

On 13-8-7 Kevin improved his auditory concentration and auditory memory from 51 seconds  to 156 seconds, more than tripling his ability o remember, concentrate and stay on a memory task, in just a few minutes. How much will this live training benefit you?  Click here to check your working auditory memory here.

Enjoy taking part in this live training and then self test again and notice the difference. (using the same YouTube video audio)

You will have plenty of opportunity to  add comments and engage fully or just sit back and learn. Please send any questions beforehand to


Master Your Memory with Padraig King