Achieve More Success with Powerful Self Control & Willpower

a practical workshop at 7pm on Feb 20th 2013 in Carrick on Shannon


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Padraig King Consultant and Trainer

Workshop Leader Padraig King has helped thousands to take control of their emotions, fear and impulses.


Achieve more with Powerful Self Control and the Willpower to Succeed

Venue: Carrick on Shannon
Date: Wednesday Feb 20th
Time 7pm
Standard  Admission €97 Pre booking €47

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Why attend this Willpower and Self Control Workshop?

Padraig King will

Explain why your will power and self control have  not been as strong as they could be

Demonstrate how to switch on your full Self Control and Willpower

Show you how to notice when you are likely to give in to temptation or  to slacken off your  resolve.

Empower you to use new levels of Self Control and Willpower to achieve your goals.


What to expect:

This workshop will be practical, down to earth and usable in business, sports, education or wherever you have set goals and have not been achieving them.

There will be movement and interaction between Padraig and the participants.

You will learn to change how to respond to the temptation to let things slide a little


As you leave the workshop you will be

Energised, calm and peaceful

Feeling  ready to tackle your goals with new understanding, skills and unique tips that Padraig will share

Experiencing how easy it is to take positive control of your body

You will no longer react but respond in a controlled manner to temptation

After this workshop you will be ready to


  • Take control of your life,
  • Achieve your goals and
  • Make stepping stones of your dreams along your path to happiness
  • You can if you wish participate in an intensive 5 week program to boost your willpower and self control to even greater heights

Pre-Book Now. Save €50 by pre-booking 5pm Wednesday February 20th.

Save enough by pre-booking to pay for your friend to attend with you!

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